Pocket sergeant

           introducing The AWARD-WINNING MOBILE policING appLICATION

Should you have any questions about Pocket Sergeant, feel free to contact us as support@pocketsergeant.co.uk

Pocket Sergeant also provides you with a checklist section. Whether you are obtaining details for Domestic Abuse Stalking  Honour Based Violence (DASH 2009) risk assessment or require assistance with writing a witness statement - the Pocket Sergeant mobile app is here to help you. 

included in a case file, whether a crime report should be submitted and when, more information / notes for most offences and many CCCJS offence codes to help speed up the custody process. You can even bookmark the information you refer to the most.

"Must Have Must have app for all operational cops"

"Outstanding App Strongly recommend to any police officer, PCSO, it is an invaluable tool, which I am sure will develop and progress even further...."

"Very useful Handy for the new copper or the veteran"

"Really useful Great for a bit of OSPRE revision whilst on constants!"

Pocket Sergeant has other features including a contacts section which remains completely separate from your mobile device contacts. As default, it comes complete with all police force telephone numbers in England and Wales so you are able to bypass the "101" system.  You can add, delete and edit all contacts as whenever you want too. Now there is no need to clog up your personal mobile with work contacts with the Pocket Sergeant UK police app.

Are you a currently undergoing police training, a veteran police officer, Police Community Support Officer, Special Constable or a part of the policing family? Are you a law or public service student? Do you have a general interest in criminal law throughout England and Wales? If so, the Pocket Sergeant mobile app is for you!

Designed by an existing  police officer in England this mobile application available on Android and Apple IOS assists police officers and staff on the front line. Pocket Sergeant has been of great benefit to many during police training. Search many offences by name, act or section and find offence:  Definitions, Points to Prove, Powers and Punishment, when there is sufficient to charge a suspect (offence specific), what should be